Food Manufacturers

IntelliScience provides food manufacturers with accurate and timely information on their products and processes, enabling them to simultaneously improve quality and increase efficiency.

Food Manufacturers

Driving improved operational performance for businesses with high-volume, transformative processes generally comes down to two challenges: (1) improving efficiency and (2) improving quality. Accurate, real-time measurement is critical to improving both, but it is extremely difficult to capture and manage.

IntelliScience provides flexible, high-fidelity, real-time, touch-free measurement solutions that deliver accurate and timely information on complex food products and processes.

  • Raw Material Analysis
  • Product Color Quantification
  • Ingredient Mix
  • Defect Detection
  • Foreign Material Detection
  • Solids/Moisture
  • Oils
  • Temperature
  • Fat/Protein
  • Sugars
  • Size
  • Shape/Uniformity
  • Waste Management
Food Processing

In-Line Precision Measurement and Process Surveillance

Without reconfiguring existing lines, IntelliScience In-Line measurement solutions enable you to capture, analyze and integrate the data you need to improve performance.

Capture True Variability

Are you missing the details? With IntelliScience, you can understand product and process variations in high definition. Control your process with surgical accuracy.

Use Any Sensor

IntelliScience enables the use of state-of-the-art sensors to capture information far beyond what human eyes can see. "See" what you’ve been missing.

Select Sensor & Lighting

What’s the best sensor to bring things into focus? Technology moves fast. IntelliScience has the experience to provide you with advice you can trust. Complex stuff. Expert answers.

Manage the Environment

Consistent measurement means dealing with your environment, which can sometimes be harsh, especially in food manufacturing. Making sure your system is protected from heat, cold, vibration, wash-down, and sanitization is part of our job. Challenging environments won’t stop us. In fact, they won’t even slow us down.

Develop Signatures and Metrics

You know your business. We know measurement. Our professionals leverage IntelliScience’s patented analytic toolset to ensure you get the measurements you need when you want them and presented the way you want. Make the art of brewing your “secret sauce” an exact science.

Eliminate Latency

Optimizing performance means you need to know what’s happening in time to make a difference. IntelliScience provides tremendously detailed information in real-time thus ensuring precious time to react. Know sooner. React faster. Perform better.

Increase Sample Size

Are you making big financial decisions based on tiny, post-production samples? With IntelliScience, your sample size can be virtually 100%. More complete product coverage. Better decisions.

IntelliScience Digital Inspection Appliances (iDIA)

Most food manufacturers spend significant resources verifying the quality of their products in post-production (offline) sampling and testing. IntelliScience Digital Inspection Appliances can streamline that effort by automating time-consuming and subjective processes that are prone to human error. In addition, by integrating with your existing data systems, the iDIA devices eliminate manual data entry. These smart appliances also automate the capture and storage of detailed images and reference points to provide unparalleled audit support.

Increase Testing Accuracy

Capture extremely accurate characterizations of your products across multiple metrics while reducing measurement variation. Get every measurement right, every time, regardless of the operator.

Minimize Training Requirements

iDIA appliances are designed with ease-of-use in mind. Simply insert your sample, select your metric, and press "Capture". Simple. Powerful. Efficient.

IntelliScience Digital Inspection Appliance (iDia)

Decrease Sample Time

iDIA appliances analyze samples quickly. Put the sample in, and press the button. It’s that quick. If desired, iDIA appliances can be configured to analyze multiple metrics at once thereby making testing even easier and faster. Accurate metrics. Instantly.

Analyze/Evaluate Large Samples

iDIA appliances evaluate large or small samples. This means easy sample preparation and accurate characterization of larger portions of product. Go ahead, and dish it out. We can take it.

Data Integration

iDIA appliances are network ready and easily configured to integrate with your existing systems thereby simplifying QA sampling and delivering metrics immediately to the people who need them. Smart and connected. That’s us.

Got Questions? Get Answers.

If you have an operational challenge but you’re not sure we can help...well, we can help with that too. Our QuickStart program is specifically designed to provide rock-solid answers to your most pressing questions.

Minimize Risk. Maximize Reward.
Challenges | Identified
Plan | Delivered
Value | Proven

IntelliScience QuickStart Program

QuickStart wraps our patented technology with critical services to quickly and efficiently deliver a custom prototype at a compelling price. Once completed, our services team will provide an engagement report documenting the value delivered and technology fit along with a proposed production implementation plan. This approach allows us to quickly prove value in addressing your problem while we demonstrate the power, speed, and agility of IntelliScience.